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Place Position in the Publication Process Powerpoint

Today I gave a seminar at CNSE at UAlbany about some basic information useful to graduate students about peer-reviewed science publication and the various tools that one can use to navigate  and facilitate the process. Advice on writing style, figure creation, LaTeX, and responding to reviewer comments is given to a general science audience with links to online resources.

Journal Publication Seminar

2 thoughts on “Place Position in the Publication Process Powerpoint

  1. Mr. Hmiel – The presentation is superb, very useful and hits the mark well. I wonder why slides 6, 15 and 24 were blank, and I would have liked a positive example of Matplotlib/pyplot to offset the ‘DON’T” EXCEL example for graphing, slide 20. Also the LaTex example, slide 26 was nice, however, the glowing review tends to leave me asking ‘so, what else can it do?’ At any rate, it’s a first class piece of work, and I thank you for sharing it.

    • Thanks for the input. During the presentation, I paused the slideshow at two points: once to demonstrate a sample pyplot script by running it through the terminal, and then again to demonstrate a LaTeX project manager (Kile, the one that I use) and how to create a .pdf file from a .tex file. In the future, I could supply screenshots to show these steps. It’s a work in progress, really. When I get time I’ll make some updates.

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