Honoring Marta’s Memory

In 2011, my friends Marta and Dan embarked on a colossal bike tour that spanned the entirety of Asia Minor, from Turkey to Central China to raise awareness about environmental issues like the desertification of the Aral Sea region. I believe they ended up raising over $15,000. Marta moved in with me for the summer of 2012 so that she could work in Albany to save up money for graduate school in Amsterdam for a Neuroscience Ph.D. I received word last night from a friend (that I don’t talk to nearly enough) that Marta took her own life a few days ago.

I feel horribly pained by this news. Marta was a bright ray of light that truly cared about the world around her, and I feel an enormous loss.

While she was living with me, she and Dan gave me a massive slideshow of hundreds of pictures they took to document their trip. I have hosted it here:

Bike to China Presentation (pdf, 23 MB)

Bike to China Blog (documenting highlights of their journey)

I need to tell my friends that I love them more, and I don’t want to wait until receiving news of tragedy to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of my peers let alone talk to them.

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