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What Time Does the Shock Arrive at the Top of the Pipe?

During my first few days of unemployment, I wrote/mixed/mastered a quick 3-song release with 1 original (Melt Glass) and two covers (Mehmet Ali Ağca by Self Defense Family; Savings by Lungfish). It’s called “What Time Does the Shock Arrive at the Top of the Pipe?” and is available for free download on the Holistic Wellness bandcamp and right here:

Re-creating Andrew Franciosa’s photo of Kelsea Adams for the album art was really fun. Credit to Sheila Fitzgerald for the photo, artistic direction and aesthetics.

I’m probably not going to begin to have a chance to make more music until late June when I return to the Palouse for my guitar and pedalboard, focusing my energies on Recurse instead.

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