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UW Madison Guest Lecture

My good friend and former Sonar Mellowship bandmate Dr. David Ehrlich asked me if I’d contribute to the neuroscience class he was teaching at UW Madison entitled, “Music and the Brain.” The topic was creativity, improvisation, and algorithmic generation of music. It made for some fascinating research, and I learned a lot about both the … Continue reading

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Areas in which I’d like to explore during my career

When I was entering into graduate school in nanoscale science, I did not have very many clear career goals besides, “I’d like to perform cutting-edge research in computational physics”, “I’d like to work on green energy technology”, and maybe “I’d like to use my talents to make the world a better place.” Perhaps if I … Continue reading

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What I did at RC

An inexhaustive list of things I’ve done during my retreat at the Recurse Center: (explanatory links will be added when summary posts are finished) Worked on the Instacart Market Basket Analysis competition (1577th place at 0.3772453; max score 0.4091449) Did some introductory exercises with javascript coding and syntax on Freecodecamp Tried to implement a way … Continue reading

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Crafting a Personal Brand for Academic Professionals

Yesterday I gave a talk on UAlbany’s main campus regarding an overview of personal branding strategies for academic professionals through the UAlbany FFLC (Future Faculty Leadership Council). The talk is focused on the online aspect of personal branding.  Please feel free to share the talk with others if you find it useful. I may periodically update … Continue reading

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Communicating your research to colleagues and beyond

Communicating Your Research to Colleagues and Beyond (Here’s a blog post I wrote for the Future Faculty Leadership Council of UAlbany  — Being comfortable with communicating your ideas is absolutely essential in your field and frequently important in your private life as well. Over the course of your career, you may be asked to give … Continue reading

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Place Position in the Publication Process Powerpoint

Today I gave a seminar at CNSE at UAlbany about some basic information useful to graduate students about peer-reviewed science publication and the various tools that one can use to navigate  and facilitate the process. Advice on writing style, figure creation, LaTeX, and responding to reviewer comments is given to a general science audience with … Continue reading

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Grant-Writing for Graduate Students: A Recap of the FFLC’s Fall Event

Grant-Writing for Graduate Students: A Recap of the FFLC’s Fall Event By Abraham Hmiel On Thursday, October 25th, the FFLC at UAlbany hosted a grant writing panel for graduate students. The panelists included some faculty who had earned substantial funding through grants in their careers and others that have sat on grant review committees. Several … Continue reading