Salutations. I’m Abe Hmiel.

I live in Manhattan and work as a Data Scientist at Quartet Health.

I’m a Recurser. My current interests include data science, machine learning, natural language processing, twitter scraping and bots, and retro game development.

In my most recent professional position, I was a postdoctoral research associate at The Institute of Shock Physics at Washington State University in Pullman. My projects focused on first-principles and molecular dynamics simulations in materials at high pressure and high temperature to extract physical quantities relevant to shock loading and static compression.

I graduated with a Ph. D. student in Nanoscience from The College of Nanoscale Science at SUNY Albany.

My Ph. D. research studied the effect of the electric field and variations in exchange-correlation on water-adsorbed metal oxide surfaces through first-principles quantum mechanics simulations. I was an active member of the UAlbany Future Faculty Leadership Council (FFLC) and the campus radio station WCDB.

I have a new music project called Holistic Wellness. I played guitar, bass, ukulele, sing, sequence drums and did other stuff for a solo music project called _11:34 (underscore eleven thirty four) which was my primary vehicle for creative ideas for about six years. I also used to be in the bands Sonar Mellowship, The Cross Product, Carl Consumer and the Red White and Blue Torpedoes, Undefined Auguments, and Density of States.

I’m vegan and I like to ride bikes and do pistol squats.

The picture in the background was taken on the Isle of Santorini in Greece in September 2010, and was modified using a Mandelbrot-type fractal map.

If you’d like to contact me, please use the following form: