Music / _11:34

Tensor Tympani

Greetings all! _11:34 brings some good news your way: It gives me great pleasure to announce the completion of my new double-length album, TENSOR TYMPANI! A formal record release with physical copies of the album, complete with album art by my friend Walter Sutin, will be forthcoming in the early months of 2013 but for … Continue reading

Music / Radio

Condensed Matter Order of Magnitude Higher Power Hour 12/11/2012 & 12/18/2012

These two  playlists were good ones. The first is more or less “normal-themed” and the second contains somewhat of a best-of-the-year-wrap-up and then an “apocalypse-themed” playlist Right to it: CMOOMHPH_tue_12_11_2012 CMOOMHPH_tue_12_18_2012 12/11/12 DAN DEACON GUILFORD AVENUE BRIDGE ANDREW BIRD THREE WHITE HORSES EL TEN ELEVEN THANKS BILL PRINCE RAMA THOSE WHO LIVE FOR LOVE WILL … Continue reading

Professional Development / Science

Place Position in the Publication Process Powerpoint

Today I gave a seminar at CNSE at UAlbany about some basic information useful to graduate students about peer-reviewed science publication and the various tools that one can use to navigate  and facilitate the process. Advice on writing style, figure creation, LaTeX, and responding to reviewer comments is given to a general science audience with … Continue reading