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UW Madison Guest Lecture

My good friend and former Sonar Mellowship bandmate Dr. David Ehrlich asked me if I’d contribute to the neuroscience class he was teaching at UW Madison entitled, “Music and the Brain.” The topic was creativity, improvisation, and algorithmic generation of music. It made for some fascinating research, and I learned a lot about both the … Continue reading

Anthopogenic Methane Considered More Harmful; Total Methane Budget Considered More Manageable
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Anthopogenic Methane Considered More Harmful; Total Methane Budget Considered More Manageable

I’m beaming with pride today. My brother, Benjamin, published his first first-authored peer-reviewed journal article in Nature. It’s gotten a lot of feature articles already in the mainstream press and has huge implications for climate change policy and fossil fuels; the equivalent of a grand slam at one’s first at-bat. Essentially, my brother’s team conducted … Continue reading


Pyedgeon news

Pyedgeon, my first pip package, was recently featured in a Recurse Center Joy of Computing blog post I did a lot of refactoring and ease-of-use additions to it, and have plans to create some weird side-projects with it + flask + twilio or something. I’ve got a lot of ideas recently and I am feeling … Continue reading

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Areas in which I’d like to explore during my career

When I was entering into graduate school in nanoscale science, I did not have very many clear career goals besides, “I’d like to perform cutting-edge research in computational physics”, “I’d like to work on green energy technology”, and maybe “I’d like to use my talents to make the world a better place.” Perhaps if I … Continue reading

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What I did at RC

An inexhaustive list of things I’ve done during my retreat at the Recurse Center: (explanatory links will be added when summary posts are finished) Worked on the Instacart Market Basket Analysis competition (1577th place at 0.3772453; max score 0.4091449) Did some introductory exercises with javascript coding and syntax on Freecodecamp Tried to implement a way … Continue reading

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What Time Does the Shock Arrive at the Top of the Pipe?

During my first few days of unemployment, I wrote/mixed/mastered a quick 3-song release with 1 original (Melt Glass) and two covers (Mehmet Ali Ağca by Self Defense Family; Savings by Lungfish). It’s called “What Time Does the Shock Arrive at the Top of the Pipe?” and is available for free download on the Holistic Wellness … Continue reading