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Sheila used a ~1:1 dilution of the Arctic Fox “Periwinkle” hair dye with conditioner to achieve this effect. I love it! My hair was so dark that it required 3 bleachings to get to a point that it would properly take color, and we didn’t read the instructions properly on the 1st bleaching. Anyway, it was their first experience dying someone else’s hair and my first time getting it done. I think I’ll really like how it grows in, too. We took the pictures in Wawawai landing, on the Snake River. It’s one of my favorite places in the area. We’ve had a really wet spring, and combined with a brushfire late last year, the whole place was greener than I had ever seen it!

Today’s my last full day in Pullman- I move to Manhattan tomorrow. Most of the stuff I care about is moving with me in luggage or already shipped back East. I had a pretty successful yard sale the other day at WSU and donated a ton of old clothes. I’m trying to take on more of a minimalist approach to life, and doing not too badly so far, but there’s this weird sentimental attachment to inanimate objects and the nostalgia they carry that bugs me.

I’ll be back in the Palouse a couple times over the summer: once to move some more stuff and take my guitar and pedalboard back with me, and then again to catch the eclipse in Mid-August after my Recurse batch is over.

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